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What type of worker are you? Do you work with random bursts of energy or are you a consistent worker? Regardless of the type of worker we are, we all need one thing in common – MOTIVATION. So how can we power through on days when we just feel defeated and unmotivated? Contrary to the popular belief that motivation is dependent on our energy and externalities, there are actually ways to ‘create’ motivation. Self motivation, also known as finding motivation within yourself, is a common trait amongst highly successful people. They are able to take the initiative and work on their tasks and goals without someone telling them to do so. Inspired to be like them? Master these few tips and conquer your sluggish days!

Set Personal Goals

Self motivation is often powered by goals that interest you, so start thinking about what you really want. Sounds quite easy, but you would be surprised by the number of people who are unable to give you an answer to this! Keep your goals personal and intrinsic. Do it because you want it. Don’t set a goal just to get a reward or just because someone tells you to do so, you won’t have the motivation to power through it. Try to draw connections between the task at hand and your goals. Ask yourself why you are working on this particular task. Does it help you to grow? Are you learning something out of it?

Make It Fun

Don’t we all hate dreadful tasks? A large part of why we are so unmotivated to get started is because we are put off by how tedious, boring or torturous the task is. Instead of complaining about how torturous it is, why not make it fun? We are often so outcome-oriented that we forget to enjoy the process. But did you know that incorporating fun elements into your tasks can help you achieve them with less effort? This gives you enough energy to push till the end. Pair these dreadful tasks with something you like. For example, if you dislike working out, listen to your favourite music or podcasts while working out. You can even watch your favourite show while you are at it!

Give Yourself 10 Minutes

If you can give yourself 10 more minutes to play a game or use Facebook, you definitely can give yourself 10 minutes to start on the task. Starting the task is often the hardest part, but trust me, it only gets easier. Remember the mornings where you had to drag yourself out of bed to get to the office? It’s the same concept! Give yourself 10 minutes to work on the task instead of not starting at all. Once you hit 10 minutes, ask yourself if you would like to continue. Most of the time, you would have already been too engrossed in the task to even check the time!

Break It Down

Be it a goal or a task, break them down into bite-sized, manageable pieces. Studies have shown that people tend to work harder and are more likely to achieve their goals at a faster rate if they see progress. So rather than pondering about where to start, create smaller goals that will lead you to your eventual goal. The satisfaction of achieving the smaller goal or ticking an item off your to-do list will give you the motivation to go on. This tip is particularly handy for long term goals where the end is far from sight.

Love Yourself

Have you been so overwhelmed with tasks that you just decide to give up and do nothing because you don’t have the motivation to continue? To avoid experiencing a burnout, be kind and gentle with yourself. Know that there’s a difference between pushing yourself to the limit and actually reaching your limit. Don’t feel guilty about taking regular breaks and there’s no need to blame yourself for having a low motivation day (everyone has days like this). Treat yourself like how you would treat a friend who is feeling unmotivated.


Ever heard of the phrase: “When there’s a will, there’s a way”? Most of us don’t realise it, but self motivation can greatly affect how we perceive and complete our tasks and goals. Understanding yourself and the reason behind your low motivation will enable you to utilise the tip that works best for you. What are you waiting for? Go get started!

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