Get to know Bob Hafiz!

“Throughout the years of meeting a diverse array of individuals as a Personal Development and Motivational Programme Trainer, Bob Hafiz drove his passion and has presented to over 40,000 people with 1944 hours of speech delivered in Asia.

With his background in development of business and training, and having been involved in various movements such as the “Me Too” movement, Bob Hafiz trusts in the importance of reaching out to the community, and helping others wherever he is capable of. With that, he started and grew JobsPivot — an opportunities provider that competitively connects the right talents with the right career opportunities.

Valuing the notion of family, Bob Hafiz extends this conception to both his personal life and his professional sphere. Cultivating the principle of inclusivity is what makes him approachable by those that surrounds him, constructing an admirable leader and business partner within himself to lead his company to a substantial rise.”