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How Emotional Intelligence Helps Students To Excel

Did you know that children with higher emotional intelligence (also known as EQ) tend to do better academically? Studies have found that students with better grades and higher test scores also have higher emotional intelligence. What’s amazing is that this finding was consistent across students globally, regardless of their education level! No doubt, being intelligent […]

5 Ways To Get Your Self Motivation Back

What type of worker are you? Do you work with random bursts of energy or are you a consistent worker? Regardless of the type of worker we are, we all need one thing in common – MOTIVATION. So how can we power through on days when we just feel defeated and unmotivated? Contrary to the […]

Staying Refreshed On Weekdays

The alarm clock rings. You drag yourself out of bed even though you feel sleepy and prep for work. Your brain is on auto-pilot mode as you power through the day. After lunch, the coffee wears off and you are having a food coma. All you want to do is to curl up and take […]

Why You Should Dream Big And Aim High

Own a big house? Run 10 marathons in a year? When was the last time you dreamt big? When we were younger, nothing was impossible. We could be whatever we wanted without the fear of failure. As we grow older, we lose our sense of imagination and fear to dream the impossible. Reality and our […]

How To Effectively Achieve Your Goals

Always wanted to be successful like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Start by setting goals! Many of us know the importance of goal-setting, but how many of us are doing it right? Based on a survey that I have personally conducted, 65% of the people considered themselves successful and more than 90% of them attribute […]

5 Things Every Teen Should Know

As we embark on new chapters in life, such as choosing a junior college, polytechnic or university, most of us would feel immense pressure. The need to do well academically and ‘fit in’. Since young, we have been told that grades are extremely important and the need to excel has been ingrained in us. For […]