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Causes Of A Burnout And How To Overcome It

Do you wake up feeling unmotivated? Feeling cynical towards your job? If you said yes to either of the questions, you might be experiencing a burnout! It’s completely fine to wake up and feel like quitting your job. We all have those days. But if you feel like this all the time, you’re not alone […]

5 Things You Should Not Feel Guilty About

We often associate guilt as something that is negative. It feels like we have done something wrong and should be apologetic about it. It’s that cold feeling that makes your stomach drop. It’s the nagging feeling that keeps you up in the middle of the night. But guilt is more than just that. It shows […]


What’s your Leadership Style

Have you ever felt that your boss could have handled a situation differently? Frustrated by the way your boss works? We all have different leadership styles and we might prefer some styles over others. But what makes you a great leader? If you’re wondering whether there’s a better leadership style, the answer is no. All […]


Unlock The Power Of Persuasion

Transformational leadership is one of the most highly sought after skills with the advent of digitalisation. How can you be an effective leader of change by influencing and persuading others? Can you inspire others to part with the old ways and embrace change? Most of us think that persuasion is all about charisma and being […]


Give Your Team Morale a Boost

As leaders, we often think about what our team of employees can do to contribute to the organisation. Yet, have we actually thought about what we can do for them? We can hire the best talents and pay them well, but how can we retain them and keep them invested in the organisation? Go beyond […]