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Community Involvement Programmes Singapore

Community Involvement Programmes Singapore Intro: Community Involvement Programmes Singapore, contribute greatly to our development. We at BobHafiz take our craft seriously and strive to share about Community Involvement to the people connected to us. One of the better-known known benefits of Community Involvement is its impact on a local community. By contributing their efforts, community […]

5 Ways To Get Your Self Motivation Back

What type of worker are you? Do you work with random bursts of energy or are you a consistent worker? Regardless of the type of worker we are, we all need one thing in common – MOTIVATION. So how can we power through on days when we just feel defeated and unmotivated? Contrary to the […]

Corporate Development Singapore

Corporate Development Singapore Intro: A Corporate Development Program is essential when it comes to our development as an organization. We at BobHafiz are committed in sharing about Corporate development to our customers. Corporate development Singapore, it is a department in the organization in charge of the planning and execution of strategic decisions to accomplish their […]

Corporate Training Singapore

Corporate Training Singapore Intro: A Corporate Training Program , is vital to achieving success. We at BobHafiz take our work seriously and aim to conduct only the best Corporate Training tailored to each and every of our customers. Today, the field of Corporate Training has revolutionized. Gone are the times of spontaneity where organizations approach […]

School Programmes Singapore

School Programmes Singapore Introduction: School programmes are required in different schools. Basically, a school programme is a programme designed by the establishment or a schooling organization which decides the learning progress of each subject in every one of the phases of formal training. In school-based projects, guidance happens in instructive establishments. These instructional hubs for […]

Motivational Speaker Singapore

Introduction: The key role of a motivational speaker is to push individuals to achieve more than they think they are capable of, pushing them beyond their limits. And that, is the power of a motivational speaker. Motivational Speaker Singapore What we do: Relentless, strategic and creative problem-solvers. We place stock in a strategic future and […]

Personal Development Trainer Singapore

Introduction: A personal development trainer is important when it comes to our self-development. We at BobHafiz take it as our aim to communicate with people so that each and every person can work on their personal development and understand what they’re capable of. Personal Development Trainer Singapore What we do: We offer a wide scope […]

Management Consultant Singapore

Management Consultant Singapore Introduction: Muhammad Hafiz Tahir (also known as “Bob”) is an expert professional holding more than 12 years of experience in varying fields. Management Consultant Singapore, At the present, Bob is running the Management Consultant Firm, Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives, in Singapore. Bob has a wide area of expertise and he taps […]