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7 Ways To Make Your Business Successful

Have you ever considered being an entrepreneur? I’m sure some of us have contemplated quitting our corporate jobs to start our own business. Being your own boss and doing what you like sounds like a dream come true. What’s more, the world’s top 1% are mostly entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses. This could […]

How To Be A Good Leader

Did you know that by 2030, there will be 300 million university graduates worldwide? In 2018, Singapore had close to 15,000 fresh full-time degree graduates. Can you imagine if we were to include post-graduates and part-time degree graduates? As the world sees more graduates with each passing year, the competition to get a promotion or […]

How To Relax On Weekends

“The weekend flew by so quickly, I didn’t even have time to relax!” How many of us have heard this phrase whenever we ask our friends or colleagues about their weekends. Most of us see the weekends as an opportunity for us to catch up on all the things that we did not do during […]

6 Important Skills to Succeed At Work

Python, Javascript, Data Analytics. These seem to be the top trending skills in today’s job market as the world moves towards digitalization and automation. But are these technical skills really essential for us to secure a better career or succeed at work? Despite the great emphasis on technical skills, let’s not forget that soft skills […]

Personal Empowerment Hacks

Do you want to have greater control over your life and not just living each day as it comes? Personal empowerment means being able to take control of your own life and make decisions that will positively impact you. You set and influence the terms and not live life under the decisions of others. Sounds […]