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With the rise of online courses, adult learning has never been easier! Gone are the days we have to rush off from work to attend night classes or spend the weekend in school. However, learning can be daunting, especially for adults. We have to juggle between work, other commitments and school which may be demoralising and exhausting. Before you jump right into a course, know your purpose and life goals. Don’t be pressured to take a particular course just because everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Once you’ve got it sorted, try these study tips to make studying a breeze for you!

Develop A Routine

It’s hard to get into the routine of studying now that we have graduated from school. With so many other commitments, studying or attending a class might be low on our priority. If you have already signed up for a course, squeeze in at least two to three hours of studying per week. Once you have put it into your schedule, studying becomes non-negotiable. Having a schedule also makes it easier for you to get into the routine of studying. Remember, a habit takes 21 days to form, so being consistent will give you the results you want!

Know Your Learning Style

Be it online classes or face to face lessons, know which best suits your lifestyle and learning style. Online classes provide the flexibility for you to learn at your own pace while face to face classes provide more opportunities for interaction. Apart from that, try out different visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. Our methods of learning change over the years, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Try writing out your notes, recounting what you have learnt to a friend or create study groups to help you learn better! Working and studying at the same time is not easy, but knowing your learning style can help you retain information with less effort.

Make It Relevant

Remember the times when you switched off in class whenever the lesson was boring? This is the same as we grow older too! Time is precious to all of us. Even more so when we are working and the weekends are the only times we get to rest and engage in our hobbies. So when we perceive that what we are learning is not beneficial or relevant to the work we do, we tend to switch off. Try to draw connections to what you are learning. Ask yourself these questions: Will I get a pay raise or promotion with this new skill? Is what I’m learning applicable to my job scope? If it’s yes, pay attention!

Don’t Multitask

How many times are you guilty of switching between your work tabs and online classes or even work meetings? Multitasking is a myth! We think that we are more productive working on more things since two is always better than one. But in reality, our divided attention means that we end up doing both things at a substandard quality. Studies have shown that our brain works best when we focus on doing one thing at a time. So think twice before you check your email or reply to messages in class! Dedicating that one to two hours solely for class time could save you a few hours on revision and catching up on what you missed in class.


We learn best when we are actively engaged in the material. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions in class. If you are already going to spend the time attending an online or face to face class, make full use of it! It’s not a ‘dumb’ question if it helps you to check your understanding. Rather than wasting hours on revision or searching on Google for the answer to your question, just ask. The teacher knows best! Participate in group discussions and activities to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing yourself and pursuing your dreams is not a path of roses. But taking the first step to improve yourself is all that matters. Keep learning and stay relevant to this ever-evolving economy!

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