Expand Your Network Like A Pro

Expand Your Network Like A Pro

Is success all about who you know? Having a strong professional network can definitely propel your career to greater heights. It opens doors to exclusive job opportunities, business ventures and broader industry knowledge. That ‘somebody’…
5 Things To Consider Before Making A Career Switch

5 Things To Consider Before Making A Career Switch

What keeps you going in your current career? The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to switch careers. Some have decided to pivot into booming industries like healthcare and tech, while others are looking at starting their own business.…
work smarter, not harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Feel like you need more than 24 hours in a day? No matter how much you do, things just never end and the work keeps piling up. Let’s face it, we can’t complete everything that we set out to do in a day. Yet why are some people able to accomplish…
the key to great teamwork

The Key To Great Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! This is more true than ever, especially when our work becomes increasingly cross-functional. Working effectively as a team is a highly-regarded skill because it’s transferable and applicable to every industry.…
5 essential mindsets for a successful leader

5 Essential Mindsets For A Successful Leader

Imagine this: You have been offered a job by two different organisations. Leader A of the first organisation sees challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn and is receptive to feedback. He truly cares about his employees and sets long term…
how to run effective meetings

How To Run Effective Meetings

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Raise your hand if you have ever groaned inwardly after receiving a meeting invite. We’ve all experienced terrible meetings that make us just want to walk out of it. We have those that ramble off topic without the slightest concern about the…
4 ways to effectively resolve conflicts

4 Ways To Effectively Resolve Conflicts

Do you avoid conflicts or are you someone who speaks your mind? I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of conflicts. Be it with our family, friends or colleagues, conflicts are inevitable. Sometimes, we are the ones involved in the conflict…
work effectively under pressure

How To Work Effectively Under Pressure

How well do you work under pressure? We have probably heard this question a couple of times during job interviews. Interviewers might even present us with different scenarios just to see how we would react. That’s because the ability to remain…
keep stress at bay with these tips

Keep Work Stress At Bay With These Tips

What happens when the boundaries between work and home are blurred? A survey conducted in 2020 found that Singaporeans working from home tend to be more stressed than those working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. When surveyed,…
career benefits of volunteering

Advance Your Career With Volunteering

Volunteering as a career advancement strategy is so underrated. We often spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on seminars and courses to sharpen our skills which might not always be effective. Since we are always complaining about how busy…