Your guide to a performance review

Your Guide To A Performance Review

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It’s the end of year season and we all know what’s coming! It’s time to look back at what we’ve done. Like it or not, we all have our annual performance review sessions with our boss. Some of us fear it while others dread it. Yet annual…
the key to great teamwork

The Key To Great Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! This is more true than ever, especially when our work becomes increasingly cross-functional. Working effectively as a team is a highly-regarded skill because it’s transferable and applicable to every industry.…
5 essential mindsets for a successful leader

5 Essential Mindsets For A Successful Leader

Imagine this: You have been offered a job by two different organisations. Leader A of the first organisation sees challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn and is receptive to feedback. He truly cares about his employees and sets long term…
be a better learner with these tips

Be A Better Learner With These Study Tips

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With the rise of online courses, adult learning has never been easier! Gone are the days we have to rush off from work to attend night classes or spend the weekend in school. However, learning can be daunting, especially for adults. We have…
why you should upgrade your skills

Upgrade Your Skills And Bring Your Career To Greater Heights

How do you stay relevant in the ever-evolving economy? With the onset of Industry 4.0 and the growing importance of soft skills, there’s no better time to upgrade your skills. If you are thinking: “Why bother? I’m doing well at my job…
remaining relevant to the economy

Remaining Relevant To The Economy

Imagine this, there are 10 people queuing up to purchase the latest iPhone but there is only one left. All of them are able to afford the iPhone and some are even willing to pay a higher price for it. Yes, this is how the current job market…

6 Important Skills to Succeed At Work

Python, Javascript, Data Analytics. These seem to be the top trending skills in today’s job market as the world moves towards digitalization and automation. But are these technical skills really essential for us to secure a better career…