how to run effective meetings

How To Run Effective Meetings

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Raise your hand if you have ever groaned inwardly after receiving a meeting invite. We’ve all experienced terrible meetings that make us just want to walk out of it. We have those that ramble off topic without the slightest concern about the…
work effectively under pressure

How To Work Effectively Under Pressure

How well do you work under pressure? We have probably heard this question a couple of times during job interviews. Interviewers might even present us with different scenarios just to see how we would react. That’s because the ability to remain…
be a better learner with these tips

Be A Better Learner With These Study Tips

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With the rise of online courses, adult learning has never been easier! Gone are the days we have to rush off from work to attend night classes or spend the weekend in school. However, learning can be daunting, especially for adults. We have…
staying refreshed on weekdays

Staying Refreshed On Weekdays

The alarm clock rings. You drag yourself out of bed even though you feel sleepy and prep for work. Your brain is on auto-pilot mode as you power through the day. After lunch, the coffee wears off and you are having a food coma. All you want…

5 Things Every Teen Should Know

As we embark on new chapters in life, such as choosing a junior college, polytechnic or university, most of us would feel immense pressure. The need to do well academically and ‘fit in’. Since young, we have been told that grades are extremely…
Relax on Weekends

How To Relax On Weekends

“The weekend flew by so quickly, I didn’t even have time to relax!” How many of us have heard this phrase whenever we ask our friends or colleagues about their weekends. Most of us see the weekends as an opportunity for us to catch up…