Causes Of A Burnout And How To Overcome It

Do you wake up feeling unmotivated? Feeling cynical towards your job? If you said yes to either of the questions, you might be experiencing a burnout! It’s completely fine to wake up and feel like quitting your job. We all have those days. But if you feel like this all the time, you’re not alone either! A survey conducted by Cigna in 2019 found that Singaporeans are one of the most stressed in the world. Singaporeans work 23% more than the usual 48 hours and almost one in eight found their stress to be unmanageable. Burnout can happen for a variety of reasons. Find out what’s the main cause of your burnout and how to overcome it.

Signs Of A Burnout

Constant cynicism and low motivation are telltale signs of a burnout. You don’t feel like doing anything and you associate work with negative feelings. Even if you achieved a great milestone at work, you generally feel dissatisfied and emotionless. Changes in your sleep pattern and binge eating are also indicators of a burnout.

Poor Work Culture

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that micromanaging boss that looks over your shoulder. Or toxic colleagues with poor work ethics and negativity. You’re tired of navigating around your workplace like a minefield. Work is stressful enough. Gain your boss’s trust by showing him/her that your work is top-notch. If you have colleagues with poor work ethics, communicate to them about your expectations. If they are always dragging you down with negativity, try to divert the conversation towards finding solutions instead of them complaining about the problem.

Lack of Control

Feel as though your words carry no weight? Always being bossed around by your colleagues? Having little to no autonomy about your work can be detrimental to your mental and physical wellbeing. So rather than worrying about things that are out of your control, focus on those that are within your control (Think break times and choosing whether or not to answer a phone call!). If you feel that you have no control over your work tasks, talk to your boss. Get him to understand your workload and pain points.

No Work-life Balance

It’s okay to work overtime once in a while, we all have our peak periods. But if you find yourself struggling to complete the tasks at hand because of unrealistic and conflicting deadlines, it’s a problem! Negotiate timelines if possible or talk to your boss about it. Don’t suffer in silence! Set clear boundaries between work and your personal life. Switch off your work phone and avoid looking at work emails after work hours. Speak to your boss if you feel that the workload is overwhelming. Perhaps, ask for an additional headcount to split your workload!

Mismatch Of Values

Work values that don’t align with yours can be particularly draining. Sometimes the organisation that we’ve always dreamed of working at is not what it seems. When this happens, we tend to see our jobs as meaningless and feel unmotivated. Keep a list of things you enjoy working in this company. Look for value in the work you do, no matter how small. Pull out this list when you need a motivational boost. 


If you’re facing a burnout, don’t keep to yourself and bottle up your feelings. Talk to someone you can trust about it so that they can provide support or offer alternative solutions to your problem. If push comes to shove, explore other career options. Your well-being is more important than anything else.


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