Corporate Training Singapore

Corporate Training Singapore

Intro: A Corporate Training Program , is vital to achieving success. We at BobHafiz take our work seriously and aim to conduct only the best Corporate Training tailored to each and every of our customers. Today, the field of Corporate Training has revolutionized. Gone are the times of spontaneity where organizations approach Corporate Training only when the need arises. Corporate Training Singapore, Instead, in the current times, organizations are aware of the plethora of opportunities that a training program provides and are inclined to engage in Corporate Training for the employees. What’s more, with the rapid advancements and growing interest in Corporate Training, the benefits are clear to see. With the ever-changing economic conditions and volatility of the job landscape, corporations are forced to rethink how to conduct their training framework. They are now aiming to pre-emptively pump resources into more viable training techniques in order to accomplish labor force advancement, instead of waiting for issues to crop up. The continually advancing labor force, which is armed with computerized learning, implies a need to revamp the old methods of corporate training. To tackle this, there needs to be exceptional knowledge of the discipline, combined with successful and proficient strategies, which is what we aim to achieve.

What is Corporate Training singapore?

Corporate Training is an element of Human Asset Management and the executives who intend to conduct the training sessions should be efficient and effective, aiding the development of workers to achieve success in the business. To put it simply, Corporate Training Singapore is the process of equipping individuals, both internally and externally, with the abilities and knowledge to perform in the organization. By encouraging their development, you are working towards the success of your business. Not only that, with the right training, your employees will be more prepared in connecting with the people outside of your company, such as your clients and business partners.

Why Is Corporate Training Important?

Innovation has aided the field of Corporate Training as it has made the interaction of business more welcoming and better-paced in this volatile business climate. Corporate Training Singapore, Lately, corporate trainings have adapted to comprise a more formal and distinctive system. It is viewed as an essential task instead of just “an extra training” or “waste of time/money” for the company. Most organizations have embraced the motto of ‘continuous learning’ and are intentionally putting in more effort to advance workers’ development and to obtain a talented labor force. With the development of organizations and advancement of technology, organizations have shifted from customary training techniques to mixed learning models for a more impactful learning.

Modern Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Training Singapore, With the changing needs of the job landscape, the adoption of a training program is becoming increasingly popular. The program will provide your employees with the training they require in the corporate world. The main components of the training program include:

  • Customer Training
  • Business Partner Training
  • Office Employee Training

Customer Training: Training employees to handle customers in a tactful and effective way is an increasing priority for organizations. This program will equip employees with the most proficient method to conduct a business. This training will serve to improve customer service, improve maintenance in contract and increase your upselling opportunities. Business Partner Training: This training is designed to set your employees up for success and progress in work. During our Business Partner Training program, we will highlight business partner onboarding and administration training which is utilized to construct a business partner enablement procedure. Office Employees Training: Other than customers and business partner training programs, the most important asset of any company is the employees. In this program, we will go through skills such as employee onboarding, administration training, job training, upskill training, consistency and more. Corporate Training Singapore, Office Employees Training is an important asset to the advancement and development of your business.

Developing a Corporate Training Program

Designing a proper training methodology for your business can be daunting, especially when there is a huge group of employees who will partake in the program. Below are some guidelines to craft your Corporate Training program:

  • Set your goals
  • Initiate the program
  • Delivery of the program

Set Your Goals: One key element in leading your organization to success is ensuring that each and every individual is heading towards the same goals. With the corporate training program, the employees will have a common understanding of the organizations’ set objectives and what the plan is for the company. Corporate Training Singapore, Each training program can also have a more specific set goal to it. For example, during a business execution training, your goal may be to improve representative maintenance by 25% or for a customer training, it may be to build item appropriation by 15%. Whatever the goal is, ensure it’s an objective that is feasible and can aid in the improvement of your business. Initiate: On the off chance that you have various trainings to be conducted, we suggest you make a jump and initiate the program when you feel it will benefit your business the most. Get started by setting up an office employee training where they will go through consistency training, a 6-week onboarding procedure for recently added team members and after item training, etc. Corporate Training Singapore,  Ensure that the program is attainable and helps to boost training. From here, you can choose the following training and advancement programs for your association in a reasonable manner. Most, if not all, organizations have some in-house training. It is important to consider which skills your company is in need of and to gauge which corporate training programs will be the most effective.

Delivery Of The Program:

Here are some points to enhance the delivery of your program:

  • Physical Training Methodology
  • Mixed Training Methodology
  • Leveraging the system

Physical Training Methodology: Depending on the type of training program to be conducted, it could be the most efficient to conduct face-to-face lessons, together with hands-on experiences to enhance the learning experiences. Mixed Training Methodology: Mixed Training is the incorporation of both conventional and online learning methods to enhance the training experience. For instance, the trainers can adopt online lessons to convey a more personalized learning experience for the target audience. Leveraging The System: By understanding the system in which the training is conducted in, it can help in delivering the training to your employees. A LMS is a versatile and effective approach to convey training to your representatives, accomplices, and clients. What does mixed training/learning actually means? Corporate Training Singapore, What started as a conventional method of training has now adapted to incorporate the demand of online learning. For example, for a training module, there can be a combination of the physical trainings by educators in the homerooms and online learning to tap on the unique capabilities of e-learning in customizing the learning experience. The demand for e-learning is evident in its exponential growth, being set to turn into a $325 billion industry by 2025 globally. Furthermore, organizations with dynamic profession models can cater to the different learning experiences required, instilling a culture of continuous learning. As the name suggests, mixed learning is a mix of at least one conventional homeroom strategy with e-learning/internet learning techniques. Another name for it is Integrated Learning or Technology-empowered Mixed Learning (TeBL®). The components of mixed learning elevate the training experience for representative, making it more captivating and interesting. Some examples of organizations that have already adopted mixed learning procedures in their training procedures include Boeing Company, Ernst and Young, and Intel Corporation. Below are some benefits of Corporate Training:

  • It incorporates training that guides the representatives in their development and progression


  • It accomplishes the viability of training by tapping on the in-house training offices in a reasonable way to foster personnel support at all levels.


  • It permits workers to adapt themselves and find their calling through formal and casual exercises that shape the way they view themselves and how their bosses, clients, and friends view them.


  • It urges representatives to foster a sense of belonging to the company and develop a sense of obligation to the organization so they would pursue their work with their best efforts.


  • It communicates the knowledge and skills that are essential for the representative to perform their jobs proficiently.


  • It equips representatives with the essential human and administrative abilities in line with the company’s direction through critical thinking.


  • It familiarizes employees with the organization’s vision, mission and its essential objectives.


  • It recognizes the training needs of the labor force in the business, keeping in mind the corporate plans and the requirement for explicit divisions.

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