How To Stick To Your Goals

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to stick to your goals? We often start our new year’s resolution strongly. Yet as time goes by, we end up back at square one or even lose the motivation to continue with our goals. We end up achieving nothing at the end of the year and carry forward our goals to the following year. Our goals encompass our hopes and dreams, so why can’t we follow through? That’s because it often involves having to change our lifestyle! Change is not easy. It’s filled with unfamiliarity that requires commitment and perhaps even some sacrifices. There’s no shortcut or quick fix to achieve our goals, consistency and persistence is key. But there are definitely ways to make it easier for you to stick to your goals and eventually achieve them!

Write It Down

Don’t just build castles in your head! Write down your goals. Studies have shown that those who wrote down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them. Why is it so? Writing it down with intention and an action plan gives them a clearer picture and gets them to stick to it. Be it writing it down in your journal or a Post It note on your table, put it somewhere visible. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. So make sure you are reminded of your goals everyday.

Set Aside Time

Learning a new language? Thinking of starting an online business? We are always complaining that we don’t have enough time to achieve our goals. Don’t give yourself this excuse anymore! If others have the time to work on their goals, so can we! Dedicate about 15-30 minutes a day for your goal. The ‘little’ and ‘insignificant’ amount of time will eventually add up. When you look back, it’s better to have moved an inch than none at all! What’s more, working on your goals everyday will make it become a habit. It’ll no longer be a chore but a part of your lifestyle!

Visualise Your Success

It’s easy to lose steam when you are working towards your long term goals. When the end goal is far and out of reach, it’s tempting to give up and go back to where it’s comfortable. Give yourself a motivational boost by visualising how your success will look. Close your eyes and just imagine the journey of your success. It will strengthen the belief that you are capable of achieving your goals and ensure that you know how your success will look.

Have A Support System

Imagine if all your friends around you are working towards their goals and achieving great things in life. What would you do? You’ll definitely work as hard as them so that you won’t feel left out! Surround yourself with like-minded people and positive vibes. Their competitive spirit will push you to greater heights while their feel-good energy will motivate you to power through when the going gets tough. Tell your friends about your goals. Updating them on your progress will force you to be more accountable towards your goals (say goodbye to slacking off!).

Track Your Progress

At the end of the day, you want to be able to achieve your goals in the fastest way possible. Ensure that you have metrics and milestones to keep you on track. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your action plan and tweak your metrics or goals if needed. Don’t forget to look back at how far you have come from time to time and celebrate your little successes.


Whenever you feel tempted to give up your goals, always weigh the now against the later. The short term discomfort you are feeling now will mean less than the long term happiness you will get out of achieving your goals. So don’t give up, stick to your goals! 


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