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Muhammad Hafiz Tahir (also known as “Bob”) is an expert professional holding more than 12 years of experience in varying fields. Management Consultant Singapore, At the present, Bob is running the Management Consultant Firm, Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives, in Singapore. Bob has a wide area of expertise and he taps on his wealth of experience to provide a wide array of services to his clients. 

Before moving on to elaborate on the details of the services that Bob’s Management Consultant Firm provides, let’s furnish you with some information regarding Bob’s educational and work background.

Early Background:

From young, Bob has been a passionate, self-driven and motivated individual. He had big dreams, but he wasn’t just a dreamer. He aimed to turn his dreams to reality, and he knew the first step was knowledge. Bob sought to participate in different workshops and bootcamps which served to boost his personal growth and communication skills. He knew that he had a big dream and effort needed to be expended in order to fulfil these dreams.

But, Management Consultant Singapore, more than that, he wanted to help others achieve their goals and that formed one of the primary reasons he stepped into the field of Management Consultancy. Bob had a vision in mind and set a clearly defined course of action to pursue his dreams. Hence, he started his journey of becoming a professional, learning skills such as motivational speaking, personality development, business consultancy and more. 

While all this was ongoing, Bob continued his formal education and completed a Bachelor of Business Management from Coventry University in England and this brought him one step closer to his final goal. Additionally, he enrolled in courses to be a Management Consultant under the Institute of Management Consultants (IMCS) and further registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a formal trainer.

Diversified Experience:

Just like everyone, Bob’s professional journey started from small ventures. During one of his courses, he was tasked with designing a personal development program for educational institutions in various countries such as Thailand and more. Management Consultant Singapore, Aside from this, in one of his overseas development programmes, Bob had the opportunity to visit different countries and draft personality and skills development initiatives. Bob successfully completed these programmes which aided in polishing his personality development and mentorship skills.

Management Consultant Singapore Professional Services:

Let’s have a detailed look at the services provided by Bob’s Management Consultant Firm in Singapore. Under Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives as headed by Bob, major professional services are provided and in addition to these standard services, other customized services are provided based on the client’s requirements.

1. Software Development

Firstly, software development services are one of the main services provided by Pivot Tree. In providing these services, the foremost concern is to deliver quality software products with robust execution and minimal issues. Management Consultant Singapore, Standardised practices of the industry are adopted to design and develop applications for the clients. Thus far, the software development services provided have broached clients belonging to industries such as educational, banking and the agricultural sector. Pivot Tree has a track record of providing excellent software development services and it definitely is one of the strengths of the firm. 

* Web Based Application Development

Additionally, Pivot Tree provides website development services in Singapore to develop websites that are efficient, user-friendly and SEO optimized. In developing the website, the needs of the clients are constantly kept in mind to ensure full satisfaction. Moreover, Pivot Tree develops cross platform websites as well as hybrid websites that can run on mobile applications and tablets without any compromise in responsiveness or user experience.

* Mobile Application Development

Pivot Tree provides mobile application development for both android and iOS platforms and has a successful portfolio of developing the simplest mobile applications optimized for portable devices with the highest degree of user-friendliness. Management Consultant Singapore, A website should be accompanied by a mobile application and at Pivot Tree, both services are provided under the same arm as supervised by Bob.

* Desktop Application Development

In catering to small businesses with stand-alone machines, Pivot Tree provides the service of stand-alone desktop development. The software is developed and deployed by professionals in the user’s work environment and in-house support services will be provided in the event of any issues that crop up. Client satisfaction is of the greatest value and the focus is on providing near-instantaneous support. 

* Software Analysis and Enhancements

In Management Consultant Singapore, One of the software development services provided by Pivot Tree includes functional and critical examination of an existing software application. The quality review team does a functionality audit of a software and identifies the gaps and possible scenarios where there might be failures and derives solutions in accordance with the findings. Lastly, the team develops the solution as an enhancement to the existing application. To facilitate the needs of the customers, there is a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel who implement modifications with extreme care and consideration.

2. Graphic Design

Being one of the most entrusted management consultancy firms in Singapore, Pivot Tree provides the service of designing logos, posters or visual content for businesses. The in-house team of designers comprises individuals who are highly creative and design content with great enthusiasm. This facilitates the creation of content which are creative yet captures the essence of the business and catches the eye of the target audience. Different types of graphic design services are provided by Pivot Tree and some of the more prominent ones include animation, art and illustration for advertising, marketing, press and publication and more.

Standard tools of the trade such as the Adobe Creative Suite, corel draw and gimp are utilized to create the ideal graphic design required by the clients and the designers are experienced individuals with several years of experience under their belt.

3. Business Consultancy

Bob has helped a number of people start and grow their businesses and because of that, Bob realized that he can aid like-minded owners to expand their business on a much bigger level through Pivot Tree. Management Consultant Singapore, The in-house consultants meet with business owners who come forward with their issues to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business before moving to develop solutions to cut costs and enhance profits.

In business consultancy, the following are the two main approaches followed to model and re-engineer business processes.

* Business Process Modeling (BPM)

In BPM, the business consultants visit the client’s business to thoroughly examine the operations. Information is gathered using various approaches that include documentation, quarterly reports and inspecting the demand and supply ratio. After studying all these factors, different modelling diagrams are adopted to model the business processes which produces a document known as “AS IS”. The AS IS document includes all information about current practices and everything that currently happens within that company.

* Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

After the completion of AS IS, the consultants of Pivot Tree start working on business process re-engineering. In BPR, through brainstorming, user and employee suggestions, customer feedback, the consultants re-engineer the current business processes and create an optimized and more profitable version of them. Management Consultant Singapore, As a result, a TO BE document is formed which includes details of all the re-engineered processes and explains how it shortens the invoice to receipt cycle, improves customer satisfaction, enhances gains and decreases losses.

4. Professional Guidance

Professional guidance is also one of the valued services of Pivot Tree and the firm takes pride in and helping people start their professional career and excel at it. Bob, himself, has been providing professional guidance to people through seminars, personality development programmes and training camps. Management Consultant Singapore, Tapping on his previous experience in the overseas programmes which have moulded his craft as a trainer, Bob has insights regarding the possible challenges and ways to overcome them, aiding in the professional guidance..

Bob utilizes varying approaches such as self-assessment techniques, surveys and interviews to first learn about the individual who is seeking the career counselling before brainstorming a list of occupations most suited to the individual.  

5. Education and Training

Pivot Tree also provides exclusive and unique educational and training services to deliver practical knowledge, information and skills to the participants. The purpose of the service is to help individuals come forward and polish their innate talent. Bob appreciates talent and does his best to help people understand and tap on their own talent. Through the services, there is a determination to keep participants fully engaged and trainers will motivate participants at each checkpoint to instill self-confidence in them. The courses are carefully designed to maximise learning rather than just to clock the hours.

6. Other Services

With Management Consultant Singapore, Apart from the services aforementioned, Pivot Tree provides a number of other client-specific services including strategy consulting, financial consulting, HR consulting and more. Clients can feel free to approach Pivot Tree with any of the issues they face and the consultants will strive to resolve the issue. Even if the issue falls out of the scope of expertise, the team will refer the clients to a reliable expert in the industry.

Management Consultant Singapore Conclusion:

Management Consultant Singapore, Bob Hafiz and his Management Consultancy firm, Pivot Tree, have been in operations in Singapore for a while and the firm is steadily expanding to increase the scope of services. The firm aims to brainstorm the ideal solution to tackle any business issues faced and client satisfaction is the priority. In addition, the firm charges reasonable prices for the services and go above and beyond to provide after-care support and services. Hence, it is definitely an option to consider if individuals are looking for consultancy services of any kind!

We hope that you’ve liked our website Bob Hafiz please be with us to know more!

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