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A personal development trainer is important when it comes to our self-development. We at BobHafiz take it as our aim to communicate with people so that each and every person can work on their personal development and understand what they’re capable of.

Personal Development Trainer Singapore What we do:

We offer a wide scope of value-added programmes for individuals trying to improve their own skills, upgrade their relational connections and come out better personally or as a partner. Our holistic projects have assisted numerous individuals with acquiring abilities and understanding their untapped potential. Our mentors walk the talk. They have a wealth of encounters and achievements to share and help people improve. Personal Development Trainer Singapore, They have been attempted and tried in their fields of aptitude to reliably deliver close to excellent outcomes. You can be guaranteed they will push you to achieve the best version of yourself. Additionally, our group of expert coaches are resolved in continually improving their specialty to better serve your needs.

What is Personal Development?

When you were young, you probably thought learning was something that was restricted to the school setting. Now that you are a grown up, you might find that you are still seeking ways to improve your insights and your personal self, or rather self-improvement. Self-improvement is the thing that keeps us pertinent. We go through our entire lives fiddling about our general surroundings and realizing how it identifies with our own propensity, encouraging flexibility and strength.  Self-improvement is completely, indeed, individual. Personal Development Trainer Singapore There are innumerable approaches to develop yourself, so don’t allow this rundown to restrict you! Keep in mind that the focus of self-improvement should be on yourself and the things you have the ability to change given your current circumstances.

What’s the importance of Personal Development?

Mindfulness is vital to building the self-assurance to pursue your objectives and dreams. It assists with supporting relational connections and could be the vital distinction between individuals who are cheerful and the individuals who aren’t. Effective individuals have a scope of apparatuses that permit them to find their qualities and shortcomings. It might likewise assume a vital part in psychological wellness. Personal Development Trainer Singapore, The self-awareness measure is deep rooted, yet in some cases, we need instructing en route. Self-improvement courses assist us with reaching our potential as people. They may help us arrive at our maximum capacity and get us out of our comfort zones. Anything you desire to accomplish and any place you are in your excursion, Personal Development Coaching can assist you with feeling better about yourself and assist you with getting to where you need to go.

What Exactly Is Personal Development Training?

Personal development trainers teach a set of universal professional skills that help people become more successful at work.

Anyone who wants to be more successful should develop these personal skills to the highest degree possible.

Table of contents we cover:

  • Building Resilience through Stress Management
  • Practical Counseling
  • Solution Focused Counseling
  • Developing Effective Relationships

Building Resilience through Stress Management:


The pandemic has disturbed the existences of individuals from varying backgrounds. Notwithstanding your age, social financial status, the abrupt changes induced by this pandemic expect you to adjust constantly to the conditions to remain above water. Personal Development Trainer Singapore, During seasons of affliction, encountering pressure is genuine and individual. Regardless, you shouldn’t be overpowered by upsetting occasions. You can transcend your difficulties and misfortunes, become tougher by figuring out how to deal with your pressures and obstacles.


Our objective is to inculcate flexibility. We will assist you with the essential information, strategies and tips to deal with pressure, cultivate mindfulness and advance your self-improvement, and set you up to confront unpleasant and tough spots in everyday life.

This programme is best for those who want to build personal development skills.

Practical Counseling:


With the help of practical counseling, we can help individuals develop special personal development skills. By first acquiring these skills, people can achieve anything in their life. We at BobHafiz take this as our first priority.


Personal Development Trainer Singapore, This programme plans to outfit learners with pragmatic methodologies in advising people. The programme will be directed in an intelligent learning arrangement to provide you a superior comprehension of guidance, create a more prominent mindfulness and improve your own characteristics as a group assistant.

This course is best for:

This course is targeted at working professionals whose roles have an emphasis on collaborating with individuals and social assistance such as the human asset staff, directors and administrators in settings such as clinics, schools and associations.

This course is additionally suitable for the overall population with almost no foundation of directing except for those who are intrigued to become better and aides to those in trouble and require support.

Solution Focused Counseling:


As Personal Development Trainer Singapore, we take it very seriously that the counseling that is offered should be solution-focused so consumers get what they exactly want.

With information on directing miniature abilities, members who progress to the advanced level will be outfitted with the guiding methodology which utilizes solution-focused counseling. Participants will comprehend the fundamental ideas and the standards of arrangement centered around directing and to apply SFBT abilities to engage customer in forming connections.

What we focus on while in the solution focused approach:

  • Zeroing in on arrangements instead of breaking down the issues
  • Customer-focused
  • Revolves around the idea that individuals are capable
  • Future-ready and objective-coordinated
  • Interactive

This course is appropriate for the overall population, more than the working professionals who are keen on aiding individuals. We at Bobhafiz take customer-centricity as our top priority.

Developing effective relationships:


How should we handle problematic partners at work and how might we set up a productive discussion to resolve the issue and maintain an effective working relationship? It is significant that individuals figure out how to relate adequately to other colleagues to improve execution and ensure that the association’s objectives are cultivated. Personal Development Trainer Singapore, Get familiar with engaging in lively discussions that contribute to a happier, more durable and profitable work environment. Learn and apply the Win Model for showing shared views and building community connections at functions or at the comfort of your own home.


• To comprehend a mutually beneficial attitude at work worldview

•  To apply a valuable structure for creating shared benefit connections at work

• To develop central abilities of cooperative communications to arrive at the results of shared benefits

• To learn and apply shared benefit discussions through training and reproduction

Personal Development Trainer Singapore, Our preparation programme can be customized to suit your needs. Work with us to co-build a full set of instructing devices for your association as per your training advancement. Self-improvement serves to enhance your personal satisfaction through the advancement of abilities which assist you in accomplishing your own and expert objectives. Self-awareness courses could incorporate zones identifying with mindfulness, effectiveness, creativity and more.

Impact of Personal Development on Your Personal And Professional Life:

No matter which stage of life we are at, we can always advance ourselves. A self-improvement plan can put you on target to develop yourself. Your work and the prominent individuals in your everyday life will be able to see the impact of your personal advancement and you may become happier than you have been in a while.

Where personal and professional development meets

From the outset, self-awareness can appear to be a little obscure compared to objectives of improvement. “Profession development will in general zero in on unmistakable execution related objectives, like raises and advancements,” It might likewise underline hard abilities such as language proficiency or a school of programming.

Be that as it may, in the event that you consider individual and expert development two circles of a Venn graph, there’s a significant area of intersection between them. “Your vocation achievement and satisfaction in your profession aren’t only the aftereffect of area related abilities and information. It’s likewise an aftereffect of what you bring to the table personally,”.

Things we consider as delicate abilities, for example, are correspondence style, self-inspiration, and how you identify with others. Also, these abilities sway our capacity to complete things at work. Creating them can assist you with getting powerful in your vocation, and possibly seize an advancement.

Personal Development Goals Which Will Help You Get Ahead at Work:

Personal Development Trainer Singapore, At the base of all personal development is growing mindful of what’s going on and what your own musings could mean for your feelings, practices, and results,”. On the off chance that you can distinguish an outcome you’re discontent with or, alternately, one you need to accomplish, you can work in reverse from that point to decide the basic considerations, feelings, and practices you should deliver in order to achieve your goal.

Some steps to achieve your goal are:

  • Feeling confident about your talent
  • Becoming more mindful
  • Working on your motivation

Feeling confident about your talent:

Building certainty is a shared objective of self-awareness, and one that has an unmistakable link to vocation gains. Building up your certainty can help you land a better position at work, haggle for a pay raise, gain recognition for your commitments and more. However, certainty isn’t something that can be simply turned on.

Personal Development Trainer Singapore, All things considered, search for a way to achieve certainty by perceiving your abilities. On the off chance that you don’t completely get a handle on your areas of expertise and you can’t put it into words, you will find it hard to fully tap on your full capacities.

Becoming more mindful:

Care is a term that is tossed around a great deal today, and its prominence can be just as foggy as the idea of self-awareness all in all. Basically, care is the demonstration of preparing your mind to zero in on the current second, instead of hustling ahead to the future, or floating to the past.

Exploration has connected care to decreased pressure, improved center, and better working memory. Personal Development Trainer Singapore, At work it could help you focus on the job that needs to be done and sift through a portion of the encompassing commotion, allowing you to learn to be more proficient.

Work on your motivation:

Consider inspiration not as a mentality or mindset that your hold but rather, a form of conduct. In general, we expect that when we’re roused, we’ll make a move.

So as opposed to trusting that inspiration will strike, have a go at organizing your huge objectives into little feasible assignments to gather speed. This way you’ll help yourself experience every task you complete as a fortifying achievement and feel inspired to move towards where you need to be.

Motivation should be your main goal because if a man is motivated, he can complete any task with ease.


As troublesome as self-improvement might be to characterize, putting resources into it can help lay the preparation for proficient achievement. As Caprino says, “In the event that we don’t accomplish the work to fortify ourselves as individuals first, our vocations will be an inauspicious dissatisfaction.”

Personal Development Trainer Singapore, Accomplishment in arriving at self-improvement objectives will rely upon how you approach them. You perform best in all aspects of your life when you’re following a point by point plan. You have the slashes to assemble (or kick) propensities, since you’re extraordinary with frameworks and rules.

We hope that you’ve liked our website Bob Hafiz please be with us to know more!

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