practice gratitude to improve your mental well-being

We say an average of 2000 “thank you”s each year. We say thank you when someone holds the door for us. We say thank you when the waiter brings the food for us. But how many of these “thank you”s are sincere? Are you really grateful or are you saying “thank you” out of habit? We only truly express gratitude for big and memorable events like a wedding or a graduation ceremony. Yet gratitude does not have to be reserved for these special occasions! A little gratitude goes a long way. Starting your day with gratitude can set the tone for your day and rewire how you think. Learn how to practice gratitude in your daily life to improve your well-being!

Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude helps to induce happiness and positivity? Many of us associate gratitude with action, such as a verbal thank you or a gift, that benefits the receiver. But gratitude goes beyond that! In fact, you as the giver will also benefit emotionally when you show gratitude to others. If you are always feeling frustrated, angry or jealous, practicing gratitude can help to counteract these negative feelings! When you’re too busy living in the moment and appreciating life as it is, you’ll have less time to be upset or yearn for things that you are lacking.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Writing journal entries is not just for kids! If you have five minutes to spare, pen down what you are thankful for. It doesn’t have to be something important or philosophical. Even simple things like being thankful that you are indoors on a rainy day or being able to spend more time with your family is worth writing down! Be as specific as you can. Say this: I’m thankful for being able to spend more time with my family despite being involved in a huge company project. Not this: I’m thankful for being able to spend more time with my family. Read this journal on especially difficult days and remember the moments to be grateful for!

Appreciate The Little Things

How many of us actually live in the moment? In this fast paced society, we are often so preoccupied with all the hustle and bustle that we take things for granted. Don’t just notice the big and memorable things around you! Slow down. Focus on being in the present to notice and appreciate the little things around you. You’d be surprised by the number of things you are grateful for when you start living in the present.

Change Your Perception

What’s your first reaction when something bad happens? I’m sure most of us would react negatively to it. But always remember, there’s a silver lining in every cloud. Challenges give you an opportunity to learn and grow to become a better version of yourself. No doubt, switching your perspective from negative to positive takes time and practice. But catch yourself before you start blaming others or beating yourself over it.

Give Thanks

Imagine this: You are working on a project and all of a sudden, one of your colleagues gives you a coffee for your hard work. Chances are, you’ll feel appreciated and will also try to reciprocate this act of gratitude. Just like how laughing is contagious, spreading gratitude is contagious as well! So show your gratitude and appreciation freely and sincerely. Creating a culture of gratitude within your inner circle is a win-win situation as it can uplift you and the group.


Practicing gratitude brings about many benefits to us. The more awareness you have, the more likely you are to notice all the good that’s around you. So stop complaining and get started!


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