Spark Your Creativity With These Tips

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about creativity are designers and artists. But thinking creatively does not have to be limited to these roles! Creativity is the ability to ask the ‘why’ questions and come up with unconventional solutions. It is the ability to look at things from a different perspective and draw connections from ordinary things to make it extraordinary. Love it or hate it, creativity is very much entrenched in our lives (it’s literally everywhere!). Without creativity, there won’t be organisations like Apple or Amazon. We could still be buying things in store and our phones might not have a touch screen! Regardless of our job function and title, we can all use some creativity to solve problems and come up with solutions!

Know What Fuels Your Ideas

Idea generation does not have to be confined to a desk. Creativity comes to us in different forms. Some of us get an “aha!” moment after a short walk, while others think better when doodling! If you are already aware of what keeps your creative juices flowing, do it! If you are still unsure, explore different ways that help you think better.

Change Your Environment

Did you know that your environment is a crucial component of creativity? Just like how plants need the right conditions to grow and thrive, this is the same for us! Little changes to our space can create the right conditions for our creative juices! Studies have shown that natural lighting can boost productivity and creativity. So draw the curtains and shift your desk to let some light shine through! Add a pop of colour to your desk. White and beige walls are not ideal for stimulating ideas. If you are working from home, try working at different parts of the house to see which area works best for you.

Be Open-Minded

Having a closed-mindset is a surefire way to stifle creativity. Don’t put yourself into a box! During your brainstorming session, write down all the ideas and don’t dismiss any. You’ll have plenty of time to refine the idea later on. Just because an idea is unconventional, doesn’t mean that it’s ‘stupid’ or ‘impossible’. Sometimes the most unexpected ideas produce the best results. So keep churning ideas! The more ideas you have, the higher the chances of finding a good one later on.

Collect Ideas

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” This can be said for ideas too! Ideas can be found anywhere and everywhere, you just have to connect the dots. Think about it, who would have known that an apple falling from a tree could spark Isaac Newton’s law of gravity? Ideas don’t fall from trees! You have to be observant and attentive to the things around you. Be it an advertisement that you see on the streets or an idea from a book, jot it down! You can never have too many ideas.

Talk To Others

If you are the kind who builds on other’s ideas, this one’s for you! This is especially useful if you are in a creative slump. Talk to your colleagues or even your friends and family to bounce off ideas. It’s a great opportunity for you to gain new insights and consider alternative perspectives. Who knows? They might even give you a useful idea or two. 


Creativity and brainstorming for ideas take time. If you are looking for quality ideas, don’t rush the process. If you feel like you’ve hit the idea generation wall, give yourself some time. Take a break and be patient with yourself.


Check out more tips on creativity here. Reach out to us for more workshops and seminars!

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