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The alarm clock rings. You drag yourself out of bed even though you feel sleepy and prep for work. Your brain is on auto-pilot mode as you power through the day. After lunch, the coffee wears off and you are having a food coma. All you want to do is to curl up and take a nap. I’m sure there we’ve felt these low energy and low motivation days at work where all we wanted to do is to lie in bed and do nothing. It’s completely normal to feel sluggish once in a while, but it is a cause of concern if we repeatedly feel this way. So what makes office work so tiring despite its desk bound nature? Our little habits inside and outside of the office could be affecting our work performance more than we can imagine! Beat the work fatigue and boost your productivity by working on these habits.

Sleep Early

A surefire way to feel energized is to sleep early. Studies have shown that sleeping at least 7 hours a day can help to improve cognitive function and combat heart diseases. Having difficulty in concentrating or coming up with creative solutions? The lack of sleep would make it even worse! So stop staying up late to rush a report or hanging out with your friends til the wee hours in the morning. Avoid using electronics before you go to bed and create a bedtime routine to prep your mind before you sleep. Say goodbye to lethargic days and be ready to take on challenges at work with enough sleep!

Know Your Priorities

Before you jump right into work, take some time to plan your schedule and create a to-do list. No doubt, your inbox is flooded with emails and you can’t wait to get started on work. But setting aside 10 to 15 minutes to plan ahead will help you to focus your energy and prevent you from drowning in your work. Start on the ones that are easy to complete or have the most pressing deadline. Do one thing at a time instead of multitasking. You are more likely to feel motivated after checking off your to-do list, rather than having 5 items that are all work in progress. Don’t forget to keep your schedule flexible enough to shift things around.

Minimize Entertainment On Weekdays

Wednesday night out with your friends? Binge watching your favourite K-drama series? Before you know it, it’s already 2am and you only have a few hours left to sleep. While it might feel good to do the things that you enjoy after a long day at work, do keep the time in mind. Hanging out with your friends or watching shows til late can affect your job performance the next day. Set a time limit on these activities on weekdays and try to sleep by midnight.


It might seem counterintuitive. After all, how are we supposed to feel energized after jogging and panting breathlessly? But did you know that exercise actually releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins that can boost your mood and relieve stress? A 20 minute brisk walk is all you need, so more excuses of not having enough time to go to the gym! Does the thought of doing a workout faze you? Clock your steps by taking the stairs or alighting a stop earlier if you are taking the public transport. If you are feeling sleepy at work, take a break and walk around the office. Keep the heart pumping and blood flowing to your brains.

Eat Healthily

You are what you eat! Eating food that is laden with sugar and carbohydrates will give you the sugar rush, but it will also make you feel tired quickly. Opt for food that is high in protein and healthy fats. Protein helps to maintain your blood sugar levels while fat gives you energy at a slower pace. So switch out your Pringles and M&Ms for something healthier like apple slices or 70% dark chocolate. The best part? You get to lose weight and be more alert! Cut the coffee. You don’t need the caffeine in the morning to keep you going as long as you eat your breakfast. Even a simple energy bar or yogurt is enough to prep your body for the day.

Little drops make the mighty ocean. Your little habits could be the cause of your lethargy at work. Making a conscious effort to change your lifestyle habits can be tough in the beginning. It takes time to cultivate a habit and habits can’t be changed overnight. But instead of trying to change  all your habits, start with just 3 and build it from there. Watch how the little changes in your habits transform your life in immense ways!

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