5 Things To Consider Before Making A Career Switch

5 Things To Consider Before Making A Career Switch

What keeps you going in your current career? The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to switch careers. Some have decided to pivot into booming industries like healthcare and tech, while others are looking at starting their own business.…
work effectively under pressure

How To Work Effectively Under Pressure

How well do you work under pressure? We have probably heard this question a couple of times during job interviews. Interviewers might even present us with different scenarios just to see how we would react. That’s because the ability to remain…
keep stress at bay with these tips

Keep Work Stress At Bay With These Tips

What happens when the boundaries between work and home are blurred? A survey conducted in 2020 found that Singaporeans working from home tend to be more stressed than those working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. When surveyed,…
staying refreshed on weekdays

Staying Refreshed On Weekdays

The alarm clock rings. You drag yourself out of bed even though you feel sleepy and prep for work. Your brain is on auto-pilot mode as you power through the day. After lunch, the coffee wears off and you are having a food coma. All you want…
remaining relevant to the economy

Remaining Relevant To The Economy

Imagine this, there are 10 people queuing up to purchase the latest iPhone but there is only one left. All of them are able to afford the iPhone and some are even willing to pay a higher price for it. Yes, this is how the current job market…