why you should upgrade your skills

How do you stay relevant in the ever-evolving economy? With the onset of Industry 4.0 and the growing importance of soft skills, there’s no better time to upgrade your skills. If you are thinking: “Why bother? I’m doing well at my job anyway.” Well, new technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence could mean that your job would be obsolete in the future! Jobs like insurance underwriting and pharmaceutical discovery are predicted to be obsolete by 2030. It’s already happening, with scientists using AI to derive the combination of drugs that can be used to treat COVID-19. Constantly upgrading yourself and staying ahead of the economy will help you remain relevant and valuable to your company. The right combination of hard and soft skills will help you achieve your career goals and bring your career to greater heights. Still unconvinced or feeling the inertia to upgrade your skills? Read on!

Enhance Your Performance

Spending too much time working on an excel sheet or presentation deck? Finding it hard to meet KPIs set for you? It’s time to upgrade your skills. No doubt, we often have a mountain of work and tight deadlines to follow. But spending that one to two hours to learn a new skill that will enhance your workflow will benefit you in the long run. Being more productive at work means less OT and more work-life balance. What’s more, it will be easier for you to hit KPIs when you are more proficient and efficient in your work. Not sure where to start? Try an online course on Coursera or watch a YouTube video!

Climb The Corporate Ladder

Time spent in the company does not automatically give you a free pass to higher management or senior roles. An increasing number of companies are willing to promote younger staff who show capability and potential. This is unlike in the past where seniority in the company is determined by the length of work. Differentiate yourself from the rest of your colleagues by attending leadership and management courses. Give your company a reason to consider you for senior leadership positions.

Negotiate A Higher Salary

The easiest way to ask for a higher salary is to upgrade your skills and prove your worth to the company. There’s no shame in asking for a higher salary if you deserve it. If you have been working for three years in the company with little or no salary increment, find out why. You might be hitting a wall on career advancement if you are lacking certain skills set or paper qualifications. As much as experience in the industry is crucial, your paper qualifications also play a part in determining your salary. Find out what skills set your other colleagues possess and work on them.

Open New Career Pathways

Constantly feeling stagnant in your growth and unmotivated? This could be a sign for you to switch careers and get a breath of fresh air. It’s completely fine to feel unmotivated or stagnant in your growth at times. We all have those days. However, you might want to relook at your career options if this is a recurring feeling. Be it soft skills or hard skills, equip yourself with the necessary skills for you to secure a different job. It might be daunting to learn a new skill or even switch to a different industry, but we all have to start somewhere. Have faith in yourself!

Upgrading your skills gives you a unique selling point and makes you a valuable asset to the company. It helps you to keep up with the rest or even put yourself ahead of the competition. We all hate those corporate development training programmes that we are forced to go to by our bosses. But what if these programmes are curated to ensure that they are relevant and applicable to you?


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