Why Should Kids Engage In Co-Curricular Activities

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Since young, we have been told that studying hard and doing well in school will make you successful in future. Well, our parents are not wrong. Getting good grades leads you to the doorstep of a variety of career opportunities. However, in today’s competitive job market, having good academic grades is not enough. That’s where co-curricular activities come to play! They go beyond the books to equip your child with essential life skills to excel in life. Think of them as supplementary to school. The school provides academic knowledge while co-curricular activities provide the soft skills. They work hand in hand to give your child that all rounder factor that sets them apart from the rest.

Develop Time Management

I’m sure many of you are afraid that spending time on co-curricular activities would mean less time for studying and a drop in grades. But studies have shown that children who participate in co-curricular activities tend to do better in school. They have better time management skills and are more disciplined when it comes to studying. That’s no surprise, since having ‘limited time’ encourages them to prioritize and manage their time effectively.

Hone Social Skills

Remember the times when you and your friends bonded over a game of soccer or playing at the playground? With the advent of social media, it’s challenging for your child to forge deeper relationships with their peers. Most of the time, children have their heads buried in books or social media. Engaging in co-curricular activities is an excellent way for your child to develop social skills, especially if your child is introverted. After all, it’s easier to open up to like-minded peers and forge lasting friendships.

Enhance Productive Breaks

Want your child to take a break without mindlessly scrolling through social media? Get them involved in a co-curricular activity! If you are familiar with Singapore’s education system, you would know keeping up with the content and rigor can be extremely stressful for children. Be it sports or arts, doing something that they like is a good stress reliever. It refreshes their mind and boosts their mental health before they go back to the books again.

Discover Interests And Talents

Not all children excel academically. Some are destined to be star sports players, while others are destined to run their own theatre production. Every child has their unique set of interests and talents that might not always fit into the academic mould. Rather than sending them for more enrichment classes, let them engage in co-curricular activities! Knowing where their strengths and interests lie can provide a clearer picture of their future career pathways.

Boost Self-Esteem

Don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment when you know you did well in a particular task or activity? Children feel the same way too! Being recognised for their achievements in co-curricular activities enhances their positive attitude and prevents them from labelling themselves as a ‘failure’. This ‘feel good’ feeling can also spur them to excel in other areas of life, including academics.


Co-curricular activities are not just a resume booster for your child to land a spot in top schools and future careers. Children acquire future ready skills through co-curricular activities. You might be tempted to steer your child to sports and arts-related activities with competitions and measurable success. Don’t! Let the co-curricular activity be a place of discovery and self-learning for your child without the pressure of having to excel in it. 

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