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Corporate Training Singapore

Programme for all your employees to understand and achieve a certain focus or objective, together with the help of Corporate Training Singapore!

Personal Development Coach for Young Adults – seminars and camps

Get inspired by Bob, Motivational Speaker Singapore

  • Ages 11 to 24 years old
  • Focuses on life skills, not academics
  • Covers topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Communications skills, Belief Systems, Goal Setting among others
  • Can be 1 to 1 for Character Building
  • Venue arrangements can be done by me
  • Award Winning Corporate Training Singapore
  • Amazing Student Outcomes
  • Competitive School Programmes Singapore

Journey with Bob to success! Starts with YOU and ends with US.
The process is quite simple

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1.) Excel in Business through Corporate Development Singapore

Contact me to arrange a meeting and we can discuss more about your business requirements and objectives. Corporate Development Singapore, Do be objective with the end goal for us to work towards achieving it!

2.) I develop a plan to work on the objectives given

Through your requirements, do stay in reach during this time. I will develop a comprehensive and holistic programme outline tailored to your requirements which might require some additional information from you. We can also tie in with Community Involvement Programmes Singapore.

motivational Plan
Financial application form

3.) Put pen to paper

Upon confirmation of the rough outline of the programme, we sign the agreement and I will start developing the contents and strategies of the programme in full.

4.) Embark on a new journey together

We embark on the journey together to achieve the goals and objectives set out for your business. This is always a three way street, your business, your employees and myself.

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Tailored Programmes
both for young adults and corporates

Personal Development and Motivational Programmes

  • 1 Hour Assembly speeches
  • Half-day programmes (Focuses on 1 Character Building Aspect)
  • 1-day programme (Covers 4 Character Building Aspect)
  • 2-day programmes (Covers 8 Character Building Aspect)
  • Overseas CIP Motivational and Gratitude Programme

Corporate Programmes and Development of Companies

  • Corporate Development Programmes
  • Business Development Elements
  • Team-Building Programmes
  • HR Policies
  • Employment and Onboarding

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